Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 13 Power Poll

I started to do this week's Power Poll...then stopped. How the heck do I rank Missouri #1? That simply can't be. Is Missouri really the best team in the country? Then I stopped to look at it another way. Who is better than Missouri? Until last week, I thought LSU was. Then they somehow found a way to lose to Houston Nutt at home. And right now? Well, I can't come up with anybody better than Missouri, so #1 they are.

1. Missouri (Sagarin says they are 1-1 against the Top 10 and played the toughest schedule of any of the 1 loss teams. Loss against Oklahoma is the best loss out there.)
2. West Virginia (Seriously stomped UConn...)
3. LSU
4. Oklahoma (When Sam Bradford healthy, they can make their case for best in the country...)
5. Kansas
6. Georgia
7. Ohio State (Please keep these pretenders out of the BCS title game!)
8. Virginia Tech
9. Southern Cal
10. Florida

Big XII Standings
1. Missouri
2. Oklahoma
3. Kansas
4. Texas Tech (huge gap between Kansas and Tech)
5. Oklahoma State
6. Texas A&M
7. Texas
8. Iowa State
9. Colorado
10. Nebraska
11. Kansas State
12. Baylor

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