Monday, September 05, 2011

2011 Blogpoll Ballot after Week One

These early week polls are more than a guess than anything. I purposely did not submit a preseason ballot because I think these ballots should be based on some sort of substance. But we're guessing as to how strong the opponents are, so it's still a work in progress.  But here's my initial ballot:

Now I'll justify those things that probably will seem out of whack with the "common wisdom" in the polls. Wisconsin looked impressive, as did Stanford in games against overmatched opponents.  So they go up in the rankings. The rest is kind of a "where do I think they fall after week 1". I thought Ohio State had a decent performance in week one, so they end up in my top 10. Michigan also looked impressive in a rain shortened game, comparatively speaking to what others did.  So I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt and putting them at #16.

I'm sure Baylor at #16 is going to raise eyebrows...but if TCU was considered a top 15 team preseason, then I have to give the Bears credit for a big win. And frankly, we're talking Baylor here. How often do we get a chance to recognize the Bears?  So I'm adding them to the polls now and see where things go from here. I've long been impressed with Robert Griffin, and am glad that Nebraska doesn't have to face him on the schedule anymore.

I think Oklahoma State and Texas A&M are both severely overrated in the polls, and so I'm putting them closer to where I think they belong.  A&M especially; sure they blew out SMU on the scoreboard, but that was due to horrible unforced errors by the SMU quarterback to open the game. 

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