Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chip Brown Doesn't Get It

Chip Brown of OrangeBloods.com is pushing Texas towards the ACC once the Longhorns finish destroying the Big XII. But here's the funny line to me:
Texas is trying to convince Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to look east (ACC) - not west (Pac-12). Right now, OU is not thinking that way. Don't rule out Kansas as a possible ACC target.

It's time for Texas fans and faithful to start getting their heads around a possible move to the ACC. It's by no means a done deal. But it's looking more and more like Option No. 1 for the Longhorns if the Big 12 falls apart.
Can Brown be any more oblivious as to what is happening to the Big XII? The Big XII is suffering a mass exodus to get AWAY from Texas. Oklahoma and Texas A&M have had enough of Texas writing their own rules, and are want out. Brown simply doesn't get it: if Texas wants to maintain an association with these schools, it's Texas that must change.  First step is to dump the Longhorn Network, which is an financial windfall but a albatross in every other way. Thinking that Texas is going to be allowed to keep LHN and the rest of the baggage that sabotaged the Big XII along to a new conference is insane.

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