Sunday, September 25, 2011

BlogPoll Ballot: Huskers Stay #16, Sooners Still #1, Welcome K-State

After Saturday's so-so performance against Wyoming, I'm not moving Nebraska up - or down - on my ballot. I still think Nebraska could be a top 10 team, and a victory this week should shuffle things up a whole bunch. But until Nebraska plays like a Top Ten team, I can't rate them in the Top Ten.  It's still early though.

Here's my ballot:

The additions for this week are Arizona State (in because of an impressive victory against Southern Cal and their only loss to Illinois doesn't look so bad) and Kansas State (for winning in Miami).  Dropping out are Ohio (losing to Rutgers) and, yes, Texas A&M. I'm even more skeptical of the Aggies after blowing a game at home than I am of the Huskers. Win this week in Jerry World, and we'll talk.

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