Friday, September 16, 2011

We Can All Learn From Ameer Abdullah & Ron Brown

Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World-Herald brings us an outstanding feature on the relationship between freshman I-back Ameer Abdullah and Ron Brown, his position coach. Brown is a fervent outspoken Christian who frequently quotes scripture in his day-to-day conversation. With Brown, every he does revolves around Jesus Christ. He's been frequently criticized outside of football circles for that.

Freshman Ameer Abdullah is a Muslim.

This week, we were reminded of the horrors that 19 Muslims committed ten years ago. Some people try to push the blame away from the terrorists who murdered so many people on 9/11 and onto the entire faith and Muslims everywhere. That's patently unfair. Christians are also capable of unspeakable acts, and have done so in the past. Even today, some whackjobs take their faith to extremes, all in the name of Christianity.

Brown and Abdulah show us how we should deal with our differences. We should never compromise our beliefs...but we should always respect the beliefs of others. It is OK to disagree and believe different things. Disagreeing is not hate. Having a different opinion is not an attack.

Yet too often in our society, we try to ascribe evil intent to others who have sincere, differing opinions on what is right and what is wrong. Rather than try to find a way to come together and find ways to move forward, people reject the whole of those that don't subscribe perfectly to our ideals. People who don't subscribe to our personal political philosophy.  People with funny names.  People with different lifestyles. That doesn't mean you have to agree with everything.  It's ok to disagree.

It's not ok to dismiss the whole of another person because one aspect of that person conflicts with yourself.

We could all learn a lot from Ameer Abdullah and Ron Brown.


Anonymous said...

Islam is evil. Period

Husker Mike said...

Religious bigotry is even more so. Period.

northsidefootball said...

Thanx for this article. Period.
An "Evil" Muslim

Nima Toofan said...

It's great to see understanding and acceptance between two faiths. Just another "evil" Muslim here appreciating your article. Period.

Unknown said...

Never read a blog of yours before. Just found this one. If the world were perfect, all things equal, and love the only thing good, you'd be absolutely right.
It's not. There is wisdom, discernment, law, and hatred, injustice, and justice. Ever studied their book? Even"radical" Islam isn't radical but, rather the norm if you read their book. 9/11 was true Muslims doing their religion, as laid out in their book. Certainly, Christians have committed atrocities in the past, all the while ignoring the teachings of Jesus in doing so.
Call it bigotry if you will. Is it rather wise discernment? Talk to a family that lost a family member on 911. Talk to people who have studied their book and are both Christian or not. Plan and simple. They will show their colors as they did in England on Mr. RIGBY. AS THEY DO TODAY THROUGH ISIS. Why can't you see it?