Monday, November 28, 2011

BlogPoll Ballot: Going For Four-Straight "Whack Job" Ballots

I didn't realize it until today, but I've been named the last three weeks as the "Whack Job" ballot of the week.  Can I do four in a row?

Three weeks ago, it was for dropping LSU to 3rd after that 9-6 overtime suckfest with Alabama three weeks ago; I moved Oklahoma State to #1.  Keeping Oklahoma State #1 the next week earned me another award two weeks ago.  And last week, I earned it for a throw-away #25 vote for Iowa State. (In my defense, three AP voters voted for the Cyclones last week, and Sagarin still has Iowa State #29 after losing to Oklahoma yesterday.)

I figure I'll get it this week for keeping Alabama behind Oklahoma State. Hey, I don't see any reason why I should vote Alabama ahead of Oklahoma State.  Yes, Alabama did lose to a better opponent..but the game was at home, and frankly, neither team played well.  Oklahoma State's loss was on the road and had extenuating circumstances.  And frankly, Oklahoma State/LSU looks like a more enticing game than a rematch of LSU/Alabama.

Nebraska moves up to #19 mostly through inertia. I'm keeping Alabama #3 because (a) I'm still not convinced that Alabama is better than Oklahoma State, and frankly, we already know who the better team between LSU and Alabama is.  (Guess what... that will probably earn me a fourth straight whack-job ballot.  See if I care...) Southern Cal's whitewashing of UCLA was impressive enough to vote them into the Top Ten.  I can't vote Arkansas any higher than #8...and frankly, I easily could bump them after USC.

Penn State stays in the poll mostly by inertia.  Not sure who I vote in at this point.  Same thing with Clemson.  Florida State and Southern Miss get the votes this week.

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