Monday, November 07, 2011

BlogPoll: Huskers Out of Top 20 On My Ballot

Call it a reaction to losing at home to a team like Northwestern, but top 20 teams shouldn't lose like that. So I penalize the Huskers down to #21.  Not sure that's correct, because I think Nebraska is better than a lot of those teams ahead of them...but it probably depends on which Nebraska team shows up.  When I moved Nebraska into the Top Ten, I did it under the assumption the defense was back on track.  Well, that wasn't the case last week... so down they go...
Moving Oklahoma State up to #1 is more a response to the defensive struggle in the Esssss--Eeee-Ceee than what the Cowboys did. Yes, those were two great defenses...but c''s not like other teams hadn't scored touchdowns against either defense all season. So to counteract the Essss-EEEEE-Ceee bias some will show, I'm dropping both teams for now.  Call it irrational, but those were two lousy offenses out there.

In this wee are Southern Miss and Cincinnati; out go the Weasels and Arizona State for obvious reasons.

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