Friday, November 18, 2011

Little Buzz For Weasel Week

Not sure if it's an overdose on Big Ten drama, or that Michigan has been down the last few years, but I'm rather surprised how little buzz there is for Nebraska's game tomorrow against Michigan. Maybe Husker fans could take a queue from UNO hockey fans, who likely would be ready to explode in full Weasel Hate mode by Friday afternoon.  Nevertheless, it is a big game between two 8-2 teams...and the winner could be in position to earn a BCS bowl berth.

Considering how both schools have fared in recent years, that should be a really big deal.

I somewhat get the lack of buzz:  we've seen Ohio State and Penn State.  Fan emotions took a huge hit with the unfortunate loss to Northwestern.  But let's not forget that the Huskers are in position to do something that nobody seemingly has done before:  defeat Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Penn State in the same season.  And it's not like a trip to Indianapolis and a rematch against Wisconsin isn't out of the question either.  Not exactly likely, but upsets can and will happen. Don't ever give up hope.

But Michigan seems to be the Big Ten's version of Oklahoma.  Proud tradition. Coaches you despise.  And an annoying fight song that gets under your skin.  And there is the history of the matchup as well.  Bob Devaney pulling off that 1962 upset in the Big House.  2005, when Michigan needed the Stanford band to block better on that final kick return in the Alamo Bowl.  And of course 1997.

Michigan Man is still peeved about the 1997 split national championship. Nevermind that most people think that Nebraska would have won a head-to-head matchup.  Nevermind that Washington State spiked the ball with two seconds left in the Rose Bowl, yet the officials let the clock run out rather than risk Michigan being upset on the final play of the game.  Michigan points to the totally legal "Miracle at Missouri" touchdown catch by Matt Davison as to Nebraska's unworthiness that season.

Nebraska fans really haven't experienced much of a reason to hate Michigan at this point. But trust me, it won't take long.  Just ask UNO hockey fans after Michigan's alleged "goal" in the NCAA tournament in March.  (Before anybody asks..."probably a goal" is not a goal. And the replay that was used was not definitive, because the "white" that appears between the puck and the goal line is very likely the ice under the puck, in view because the puck is above the ice surface.  And please, Weasel fan...don't make me have to prove it.)

It likely won't take very long for animosity to build up, but rest assured it will.  Michigan arrogance will guarantee it.  It's inevitable. It's coming, folks.  It's coming.

Die. Weasel. Scum.

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Wolverine said...

And you end with something about Michigan fans being arrogant after the arrogant diatribe that precedes that statement?

The broadcast crew mentioned that the personal foul on the punt was due to the contact being on the punter's plant foot (mentioned a few minutes after the fact at 11:11 on the game clock). I don't know if anything is stated in the rules stating such a criterion.

I thought UM benefited from a bad call on the interference in the end zone, though it might have been a makeup for an earlier drive killing non-call.

If your 'push off' whine was in regard to the play at the 8 prior to the first UM touchdown I see no push off - just a collision at the ball. Roundtree was fortunate in retaining enough body control to catch the ball.

Regarding 1997, UM clobbered Colorado by 24 while UN won by 3. Nebraska beat the only other common opponent (Baylor) by 28 and Michigan beat them by 24. Given that it took a miracle and overtime to beat Missouri, and that UM beat 7 top 20 teams to UN's 4, I would claim the only objective measures to compare the teams favored Michigan.

Regarding your hockey whine:
Steve Piotrowski, the secretary-rules editor of the NCAA ice hockey rules committee, issued a statement after the game:
“The officials’ initial on-ice call was no goal. There was reasonable evidence to believe the puck had completely crossed the goal line. The play was stopped at the next non-advantage situation to allow an opportunity for the on-ice referees to review the video. Following video review, the on-ice referees determined through conclusive video evidence that the puck had completely crossed the goal line and exited the net by way of the goalie’s leg pad.”

And, yeah, I'd love to see you prove that it wasn't a goal - obviously the officiating thought it quite likely was by conducting the review.

Anyway, welcome to the B1G, and I hope you find it a good place to be. Penn State won the conference after a couple years, maybe Nebraska can do the same. It can only help the conference to have a quality, traditioned program like Nebraska.