Monday, November 14, 2011

BlogPoll Ballot: Only Can Move Huskers Up One Spot

Frankly, I'd like to move the Huskers up higher this week...but there frankly aren't any other teams to move underneath Nebraska.  Not many teams lost on the day...  So I'm slotting Nebraska at #16.  A win this week at the Big House against Michigan would be huge; some feel it might be enough to get the Huskers a BCS bowl bid even if Michigan State wins out to get to Indianapolis and the Big Ten Championship game.

Here's my question:  If Nebraska goes 10-2 and gets a BCS bowl bid, is that progress on the season, even without a game in Indianapolis?  It's presumptions to assume anything, but getting back to the BCS after a 10 year absence is progress to me.  And that's a goal that's worth fighting matter what Michigan State does.

This is one of those weeks that it's tough finding teams to put in at the bottom.  Too many teams have too many blemishes on their resume.  Take Baylor...who gets in with an overtime victory over Kansas.  But do I keep a 6-4 Ohio State team in the Top 25?  Ugh.  TCU, who haven't beaten anybody except for Boise?  Do I vote for Notre Dame?  Heck, I even thought about voting for Missouri at 5-5.  Please, me out here.

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Peder Rice said...

Wow, three C-USA teams in your Top 25. C-USA might be better than the ACC and Big East this year.