Monday, November 21, 2011

BlogPoll Ballot: How Do You Account for F-Bomb Saturday

Lee Corso's "Oh, eff it" pretty much summarized yesterday in college football.  Too many upsets, too many weird things happened on the field.  Some people have said you can take positions 4 through 25 on their poll ballot and mix them up anyway you want...then light it on fire.

But I'd go even further.  Some people are voting Alabama #2... and my question is "Why?"  Do you really want to see LSU and Alabama play again?  We already know who the better team is.  And frankly, Alabama was not impressive against Division 1-AA Georgia Southern.  The Tide led by 10 at halftime, and let Eagles gain over 300 yards on the ground.  So I'm supposed to vote them below Oklahoma State, who lost on the road to a pretty good Iowa State team in overtime.  Oh, and that loss happened just hours after they heard the news of the women's basketball coach being killed in a plane crash.

And my answer is "No!" Heck, the only reason why the SEC escaped upsets is because they played cupcakes.  And they struggled.  Florida trailed Furman.  South Carolina kept it too close with The Citadel.  And one of my rules in voting is that losing to a good team means more than beating a bad team.

With that, here's my ballot for the week:

I can't raise Virginia Tech this week.  Not when they struggle to defeat North Carolina and really haven't beaten anybody of substance this season.  Baylor gets rewarded for their victory over Oklahoma.  Clemson gets penalized for getting blown out -- and not beating anybody all season long.

And yes, Iowa State gets a vote at #25.  Why?  Why not?  They have a victory over a top 10 team. And frankly, they're just as deserving as just about everybody else.  So in the immortal words of Lee Corso...

"Awwww,  eff* it!"

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