Saturday, October 07, 2006

Attack of the Clones

Tonight's Nebraska-Iowa State game wasn't the aerial circus that many (myself included) expected. Instead, it was more "pound the rock", with the biggest surprise being the backs in the game. ABC announced Marlon Lucky as the starting I-back, but Lucky didn't see action until the 2nd quarter, and in fact, never rushed the ball tonight.
Instead, it was my two favorite backs: Brandon Jackson and Cody Glenn. Gotta love 2 backs topping the century mark, with both guys making big plays.
Many fans will criticize the conservative play calling in the 2nd half, but you also consider the field position. In the third quarter, drives started at the NU 3, NU 7, NU 20, and NU 12. Certainly limits what you can do in that situation. (Thank goodness no swing passes!)

Nebraska also got a gift tonight from the referees when they ruled an Iowa State touchdown incomplete in the 2nd half. One has to wonder what has happened to the Big XII replay officials who should have immediately stopped this game for a review. I haven't seen a single review called from the booth this season.

Defensively, Nebraska played enough "bend and break" defense tonight to scare Husker fans, but in the end, blitzed enough at key points during the game to keep the Clones out of the end zone. Considering how Iowa State's receivers matched up with our secondary with the size imbalance, applying the pressure was a key to tonight's Husker victory.

One of the nice things about staying home for the game is that it allows you to catch other games around the country. Here are a few thoughts from around college football:

Missouri became the first Big XII team to become bowl eligible. An impressive win at Texas Tech tonight for the Tigers. Tonight, the top 2 teams in the Big XII North seperated themselves from the rest.

USC certainly is looking mortal, surviving a scare at home against Washington thanks in part to the clock operator at the Mausoleum.

Tommy Tuberville probably should worry about his own team and worry about the BCS next January.

When Oregon takes the field, and the other team has the uglier uniforms...something is seriously wrong in college football. Nike is evil and must be stopped. Yikes!


AJ said...

Concur on the Cal uniform comment.

PS - Rumor has it Mizzou has some nasty threads waiting to come out of the to speak.

jjj112665 said...

Man I cant wait until MU comes to Lincoln. That should be a great game to go to. It should be a battle for the North Championship. I really dont see another North team having much of a chance if these two play up to snuff. I hope MU is still undefeated at that point and leaves with one loss. :)

Stan said...

i personally want some new threads for nebraska. i think with the new offense, we need a fresh look. i think we need a playoff system too. i'm so sick of the BCS. MU and Nebraska should be a great game. i'm already biting my nails off in anticipation. and about the clones, i would have liked to see a few more points on the board, but we still looked pretty impressive.

Carl said...

Stan -- Careful what you wish for. Don't you recall the 'new threads' that the Husker sported a couple of years ago? UGH. Don't fix what ain't broken.