Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Give Me Lame Excuses for $500, Alex

Well, here's a novel excuse for a bad defensive performance last Saturday against Kansas. Senior defensive end Jay Moore said today:
"I think the crowd noise had a lot to do with it."

He goes on:
"There were a lot of communication errors between the defense, and that really just got guys on different pages. When you've got guys in different defenses, execution's obviously not going to be right."
Every football fan who's attended a game in person has to be shaking his or her head with this logic. Have you ever heard of a defense calling for quiet?

Stewart Bradley then added:
"We didn't communicate the best. And we had a scheme where we had a lot of checks and stuff based on what they were running."
Hmmm...who came up with a scheme that doesn't work in a loud stadium?

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