Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Little Classlessness from KSU Fans

AJ the HuskerH8ter likes to ridicule Husker fans as the "classiest fans in the nation"...not. And usually he has a point. Some Husker fans take it a little too far...or in a few cases, a lot too far.

Some Kansas State fans over at are taking classlessness to a new level of depravity. In light of the tragic death of New York Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle in a plane accident yesterday, a few PuddyTat fans have decided that the death of former Husker QB Brook Berringer is funny. I won't link to them, but here are a couple of the threads for those of you who don't believe me:

Utterly disgusting. I haven't seen anything this out of line since a couple of sicko's from Nebraska came up with "Sal is Dead. Go Big Red."


AJ said...

Hey now..I don't condone that at all, nor would I stoop to it. Hell, I try not to bash players who are currently playing, let alone those who were tragicly lost.

As long as we're clear on that.

PS - Every school has horrible fans such as that...including the streams of grown men who wished physical damage to an 18 year old kid on Saturday.

Just saying

Husker Mike said...

Ridiculing players because they do stupid things on the field? Funny.

Ridiculing players because they do something stupid off the field? Funny.

Ridiculing players because they're dead? Not funny. In fact, sick and pathetic.

'Sumptin seriously wrong with that segment of 'Cat backers. The really perverse part of it is that it actually seems to be encouraged there. I know a few KSU fans, and none of them would go for it, so this is just the extreme purple version of the "Bad Husker Fan" that you mock.

RoryJansen said...

that makes me sad to be a kstater and a kansan...just like Mr. Bollinger was. What a joke.

AJ said...

I don't live among "bad Cat fan", but your point is taken.

That being said, there are literally millions or ways to bash the Huskers and their fans without bringing a tragic accident into the fray.

Agree the line has been crossed here and in other cases.

Stan said...

Not only was the line crossed in regards to our former quarterback, but it was also crossed in regards to Cory. How sick can you be to take a tragedy in someone's life and make a joke of it. I proudly wore my red and white on KSU's campus when I was in Manhattan, and this is just sick. I think the KSU fans were the same ones who came up with the "priceless" image of a KSU defensive player face masking Eric Crouch and almost taking his head off. I can't stand those Manhattan boys. True, there are fans who go over the line in every sport, on every campus, of every gender and race. However, making fun of a death that affected an entire nation of fans is just sick.

Paul McDonald said...

Y'know, back in the old days (when K-State couldn't beat a pancake with a spatula) I can remember a certain K-State/Nebraska game: Final Score Nebraska 52, KSU 3. We got a field goal.

I was in the band. IT was at Manhattan... and the Nebraska fans that I met were the nicest I had ever even hoped to meet. Very nice, very appreciative, and even pointing out what KSU did well (which pretty much amounted to kicking a field goal).

And when you think that everyone's nice when they beat you by a gazillion to nothing, just look at that Miama/Florida International thing...