Monday, October 02, 2006

Did we get lucky against Kansas?

Sitting up high in the south end zone, I didn't have a good view of Nate Swift's catch in OT that gave Nebraska a first and goal at the 1/2 yard line. I know that KU coach Mark Mangino challenged the play, but never figured out why. Didn't get to see any decent replays yesterday either.

Then I came across the following picture, courtesy the Lincoln Journal-Star:
Yikes! That looks like a fumble...and a touchback, which means Nebraska whiffs in the first OT and the Jayhawks could win the game with a field goal.


Jason said...

Wow, I hadn't seen that photo yet. It is really hard to tell from that angle, but it looks like either a fumble or a TD depending on if he had the ball when it crossed the plane.

I guess we're even given KU's backward lateral that wasn't. :)

AJ said...

Wiggins kicked it. Kicks are illegal.

Husker Mike said...

You're not in any way still bitter about that, eh?

Brandon said...


I would totally agree with the point, except Kansas screwed up the exact same situation againt Toledo in the non-conference season.

Husker Mike said...

Good point. You simply can't assume that Kansas would have kicked the field goal. Heck, they missed an extra point earlier in the game.

Last night on NET, they showed a replay, and while you couldn't be 100% sure of it, it sure looks like Swift fumbled the ball as he reached for the pylon after making the catch. I think that's what Steve Usecheck, the replay official, also saw. Not enough to overturn the play, hence the ball was placed at the 1/2 yard line.

Heck, it was close enough that it could have also been called a touchdown, but I think he fumbled before reaching the goal line.

jjj112665 said...

The tv announcers seemed to think that he had the ball when it crossed the plane and that it should be a td. From the angle they had it looked like the ball was still in his had and that it was across the goal line but it was hard to tell. One of the announcers was saying how it might have back fired on Mangino for calling for his replay because now NU might get a td out of the second replay. Guess it doesnt matter now.

Carl said...

Dear AJ,
Tackling Wiggins before the ball arrives is also illegal. Get over it.