Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Now the season begins

Looking over the season so far, the season hasn't been much of a surprise. Nebraska is 6-2 like we thought. Several of Nebraska's opponents (Louisiana Tech at 2-5 and #124 in the Sagarin computer rankings, Troy at 2-4 and #132 in Sagarin, and Iowa State at 3-5 and #78) are much weaker than originally thought.

But things get a whole lot more difficult down the stretch. First, the good news. Colorado is struggling badly at 1-7 and #99 in the Sagarin ratings. But before the regular season closes out against the Cocoa Puffs, the Huskers have to deal with 3 of the most improved teams in the conference. Oklahoma State is 4-3 and #56 in the Sagarin ratings is up next. After that is Missouri is 7-1, tied with the Huskers for 1st in the Big XII North, and #24 in the Sagarin ratings (2 behind the #22 Huskers). Then it's a road trip to College Station vs. 7-1 Texas A&M (#34 in Sagarin).

These next three games are against teams better than anybody else that Nebraska has defeated this season...and will define this season. Arguably, the Missouri game is the most important game, but if Nebraska wants to dismiss any doubt about whether the Huskers are "back", Nebraska needs to win them all.


AJ said...

In case I forget, I apologize in advance for anything that comes out of my mouth for the next two weeks or so.

Nothing personal. Just business.


Husker Mike said...

No problem...just no obscenities... :-)

AJ said...

Of course not on your blog. Mine however? Another story.