Thursday, October 26, 2006

How to NOT Market a Program

Here's a head-scratcher for you. Despite playing home games this season against Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas A&M this season, Oklahoma State does not expect any sellouts at the smallest stadium in the Big XII. Why?

Ticket prices.

Despite getting a $165 million donation from T. Boone Pickens earlier this season, the Cowboys jacked up prices as much as 71% according to the Tulsa World.

Against Texas A&M last weekend, the cheapest ticket available at game time was $175. For this Saturday's game against the Huskers, ticket prices start at $85, with a top price of $525.

You read that right.

$85 for the cheapest ticket for a team that went 4-7 last season (1-7 in the Big XII conference)?

But that's not the worst of it... tickets to the Oklahoma/OSU game start at $100 each.


AJ said...

Good find Mike. That's absolutely ridiculous. You'd think a 200 million dollar gift would cover some costs...but guess not.

Husker Mike said...

Just hope no one at UNO gets any inspiration from this story, unless someone decides to emulate T. Boone...

Twilight_end_Zone said...

Freakin' ridiculous.

As if they don't have enough money already.

Dog + bone + stream reflection + attempt to get "other bone" = nothing.

{Old fairy tale reference if that doesn't make sense. ;-) }