Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Big Red Roundtable: Back to the Future Edition

Well, with all of the developments around Husker football this week, the Big Red Bloggers have frantically reassembled themselves to put in their two cents on everything.

1. Steve Pederson is out as athletic director. Did you see it coming? Good move or bad move?
I have to say that anybody who didn't see this coming wasn't paying much attention. Yes, Pederson got a contract extension, but since when do contracts keep people from being fired? If you are doing a horrible job, you'll get fired. Steve Pederson's job security was purely based on the progress Bill Callahan had made, going 8-4 and then 9-5 the last two years. He never recovered from the circus-like coaching search and continued to stumble with fans, boosters, and former players. With Callahan now in a six game free-fall with no end in sight, Pederson was a goner. Frankly, it was inevitable.

2. Tom Osborne has returned as Pederson's interim replacement. Good move/bad move? What should Osborne's priorities be, and what does Osborne need to do?
Frankly, who else would you choose? Fans, boosters, and former players were angry. Osborne immediately calms the sea of dissent. Heck, even the clouds parted and the sun re-emerged across Lincoln and Omaha once Perlman's press release was announced. (That might just be a coincedence, though... :-) What should Osborne's priorities be? Simple. Take a good hard look at Nebraska football, and if it's off course, plot a new course. That and get all the unhappy boosters and former players back into the program.

3. The Huskers have been blown out two straight weeks. What is happening with the football team, and what does the rest of the season look like?
Frankly, this looks like a team that has given up on their coaches. They aren't having fun and at this point, it looks like neither the coaches nor the players particularly care anymore. A lot of people don't think Tom Osborne can fire a coach, but unless he sees something I can't see (very possible since Osborne has forgotten more about football than I'll ever know), he won't have much of a choice. From what I see, this is a team that could very easily lose every game in October and November. That's a scary thought. I really, really, really hope I'm wrong.

4. and are getting lots of internet traffic. Steve Pederson is already gone. Tom Osborne says nobody will be fired during the season. What happens with this coaching staff?
Like I suggested, I think this staff has already thrown in the towel. Can it be salvaged? Highly unlikely. I think these gentlemen know that this house of cards has collapsed, and many are already moving on. Bill Callahan really stretched his reputation when he told the assembled press that "in my heart of hearts I'm doing an excellent job" while in the middle of a six game stretch of poor play that hasn't been seen in Lincoln since before Bob Devaney. Keep up that type of talk, Bill, and you'll find yourself fired for the final time as a head football coach and a major institution (BCS college football or NFL team).

So what do the rest of the Roundtable have to offer?


HBF said...

Mike, do you ever read the "ajthoughts" blog? If so, what's your take on his approach, and content?

Husker Mike said...

I've conversed with AJ for years now, so of course I read his blog. He tries to be incendiary and over the top, so you have to take that in mind. He's trying to get a reaction out of Husker fans, and many of you give him exactly what he wants.

It's hard to argue with much of his takes; he doesn't make stuff up. It doesn't help things when fans, our former athletic director, and our coaching staff keep giving him plenty of material. Don't blame AJ for that.

Most of the time when I read his posts, all I can do is say "sucks to be us" because frankly, I can't necessarily disagree with him. I let him know when I do think he's wrong, but most of the time, he's not.