Monday, October 22, 2007

Power Poll - Week 8

1. LSU (They keep dodging bullets...)
2. Ohio State (Dodged a bullet from Sparty)
3. Boston College
4. Oklahoma (Trailing the Cyclones? That's going to leave a mark...)
5. Florida (Would be higher if they could play "D"...)
6. Arizona State
7. Oregon
8. Missouri
9. Kansas
10. USC (As long as Sanchez continues to play quarterback...)

1. Oklahoma
2. Missouri (Throttling a hot Tech team gives you Tiger fans the bump you've been whining for...)
3. Kansas (Tiger fans need to check out Sagarin...#2 in the country!)
4. Texas
5. Texas Tech
6. Kansas State
7. Oklahoma State
8. Colorado
9. Texas A&M
10-t. Baylor
10-t. Nebraska
12. Iowa State


Anonymous said...

xOk, I have followed Nebraska from a distance here in Colorado and I have to say this. GET OFF THE COACHING STAFFS TAILS!!! You guys have a great coaching staff that I think can win anywhere. Now, maybe the recruiting was not good. Nevertheless, Lucky is scared and so is Keller. Bo Ruud should change his last name cause he is dragging the Ruud family name through the mud. It is not bad play calling at all I dont think it is that your players dont make plays. Who's fault is that? You guys are going to fire Bill and pay this $3 million buy out as he goes elsewhere and wins. No one can win with this bunch. Osborne is back. Wonderful!! I love that man. My question is this, is Phillips, Tommy F, and the Peter brothers coming as well? Husker Nation needs to get back to what made them Nebraska. The corn feed country boys from the state that actually walk-on. If I were Mack Brown I would throw up 100 on you to prove a point this week. My point is this. None of your players are taking any responsibilty for this. How wrong is that? 4-8 for the season and no bowl game. GO BIG RED!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, these are the same kids who won the North last year. The only missing part is the D-line. Your blame it on the players theory holds no water. On the other hand, the schemes are the same as last year, and this staff has an established history of not being able to adjust.

bighuskermav said...

Anonymous, are you being sarcastic, smoking some drugs or were you born stupid? Maybe you are Callahan's wife? The fact that you say "maybe the recruiting was not good" proves you have no insight into this situation. About the only thing Callahan ever did for Nebraska was recruit a lot of highly-regarded talent. The results speak for themselves.

You mention recruiting better athletes and bringing back the walk-on program...well, who recruited the current crop of athletes and severely reduced the walk-on program? That's right - good ole' Bill.

The players aren't taking any responsbility for this because the coaches don't either. For the second straight week, Bill reminded us that he is doing an "excellent job", all the while guiding Nebraska to their worst season in almost 50 years.

As far as Callahan "winning anywhere", what the hell are you talking about? He took a Super Bowl team into the toilet after 1 season in Oakland and in 4 years, he's never come close to having a better record than Solich's final 10-3 season. He has finish ranked exactly *once*, and that was a 24th placed finish. Nobody will hire this clown as a head coach after he's fired from Nebraska.

Again, I seriously hope you were being sarcastic because if you are actually that stupid then I weep for all of humanity.