Monday, October 01, 2007

Power Poll - Week 5

Wow... 6 of last week's Top 10 lost...meaning this week's lineup is quite a bit different... The top 3 is easy, but then everybody else has huge faults, some of which I think are bigger than some of the 1-loss teams.
1. LSU
2. USC
3. Cal
4. Ohio State (First thought was that this is too high, but I can't put anybody else higher)
5. South Florida (Oh, what the heck...)
6. Boston College
7. Kentucky (South Florida and Kentucky in the top 10? WTF?)
8. Wisconsin
9. Oklahoma (Their "W" against Miami is better than five of the teams above them... I almost thought about rating them 5th...)
10. Oregon (Another case where the difference between #3 and #10 really isn't that big...)

Big XII Power Poll
Last week, I thought the Sooners had lapped the rest of the conference, then they go and lay an egg in Boulder. Leaving me with egg on my face as well...
1. Oklahoma (Yes, they are 0-1 in the conference, but I still think they are the best in the conference...)
2. Kansas State (Go into Austin and thrash the Bovines gets you major props in my book...)
3. Missouri (Win over Illinois looks better now than it did a few weeks ago...)
4. Colorado (OU win is the best of the contenders, but losses to Arizona State and Florida State hurt...)
5. Kansas (OK, the win over Central Michigan doesn't look nearly as good as it did a few weeks ago, especially after CMU lost to Craig Bohl's North Dakota State 44-14...)
6. Texas (OK, recruitniks, explain this. K-State Rivals Ratings: 60 (2003), 18 (2004) , 36 (2005) , 41 (2006), 38 (2007) ;Texas: 15 (2003), 10 (2004), 20 (2005), 5 (2006), 5(2007); Kansas State 41, Texas 21)
7. Nebraska
8. Oklahoma State
9. Texas A&M (I might consider hiking their rating if I could get a copy of Coach Fran's secret newsletter...)
10. Texas Tech
11. Iowa State
12. Baylor


Anonymous said...

That is what happens when you are K-state, you get overlooked, NE never gets overlooked, because we are NE. Simple.

TB said...

K-State didn't get overlooked, they went in and beat Texas up in every phase of the game. A 20-point win is chalked up to being overlooked? What a joke.

As to your recruiting point, Mike, here's something else to think about. Three of K-State's TDs were scored by Jordy Nelson and Ian Campbell...who are both former walk-ons.

Husker Mike said...

After K-State drilled Colt McCoy last year and beat them in Manhattan, I don't know how Texas could possibly overlook KSU this year.